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Moviegoers are highly active consumers, demonstrating 2X elevated spend compared to non-moviegoers

Movie attendance triggers a spending spree

Different movies appeal to different consumers
and impacts how and where they spend

As the largest cinema advertising network in the US, we’ve always known that there is something more to “dinner and a movie” than just a cliché when it comes to movie audiences’ desire to shop and spend on and around the movie experience. Now in a new breakthrough report, Economic Impact Study: Moviegoing as an Indicator of Spend, a predictive relationship between moviegoing and elevated consumer spend is proven.
Developed in partnership by 
National CineMedia (NCM) and Affinity Solutions (AFS), the leading consumer purchase data platform, the study was based on the activity of over 100 million consumers and the more than 8 million weekly moviegoers. The report provides actionable insights on when, where and how consumers are spending on and around the movie day experience.

Moviegoers Make Better Consumers

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